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The triceps in the arm allow the elbow to straighten. If damage occurs to the triceps tendon, it can cause weakness and pain, especially when extending the arm. Triceps tendon tears can occur from a fall on an outstretched arm, or from a forced bend to a straight elbow. Triceps tendon tear repair surgeon Doctor Riley J. Williams provides diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City and surrounding areas who have suffered a triceps tendon tear. Contact Dr. Williams’ team today!

What is triceps tendon repair?

Triceps tendon repair is a surgical procedure performed to repair a torn or ruptured tendon which attaches the triceps muscle to the ulna bone of the elbow. Triceps tendon tears are rare and can occur when there is a forced bend to a straight elbow, such as a fall onto an outstretched hand. A triceps tendon tear causes pain and the inability to straighten the elbow. Partial tears can occur and can be treated with conservative methods. Full triceps tendon tears typically require surgery to repair the ruptured tendon. Dr. Riley J. Williams, orthopedic elbow surgeon, serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, NY and surrounding areas, has extensive experience in performing triceps tendon tear repairs and other elbow injuries.

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What is a triceps tendon tear?

A triceps tendon tear is an injury to the flexible, fibrous connective tissue that attaches the large muscle groups that run along the backside of the arm (triceps) to the bone in the ulna bone of the elbow. The triceps allow the elbow to straighten. When there is damage to the tendon, such as a tear or a rupture, it causes weakness and pain when trying to extend the arm, pain, and triceps muscle cramping. Surgery is performed to repair the tendon and secure it back to the bone in the elbow. The repair will allow an individual to regain elbow function, triceps strength and elbow flexibility.

How is a triceps tendon repair performed?

Surgery will be performed under regional and local anesthesia on an out-patient basis. An incision is made in the back of the arm. Dr. Williams will repair the tendon using bone anchors or he will drill holes into the bone to reattach the tendon to the anatomically correct position on ulna bone. A bone anchor is a specialized metal device that attaches soft tissue to bone. One end of the suture is tied to the tendon, and the other is attached to the device, which is then anchored to the bone.  If an individual sustains a ruptured tendon, it is important to have the corrective procedure within weeks of the injury to prevent irreversible damage

What are the risks of triceps tendon repair?

Any surgery will come with a certain level of risk which may include infection, and continued weakness post-op. Surgery can be more difficult if an individual experiences a tear at the site where the muscle and the tendon meet instead of the bone-tendon interface. Surgery can also be made more difficult if the repair is not performed within four weeks of when the injury was sustained due to the development of scar tissue. Dr. Williams will advise each patient of the potential risks involved for their specific triceps tendon repair.

How long does it take to recover from triceps tendon repair surgery?

The arm is immediately put in a splint or a cast for 1-2 weeks to immobilize the elbow. The patient is then placed into a movable brace for approximately 4 weeks. Patients are encouraged to move their elbow frequently to promote achieving full range of motion in the acute postoperative period. Physical therapy is recommended to regain strength and flexibility. A return to sports and normal activity is typical four to six months after the surgery.

For additional resources on triceps tendon repair or to have your elbow pain evaluated, please contact the office of Dr. Riley J. Williams, MD, orthopedic elbow surgeon serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, NY and surrounding areas.


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