Telehealth/Virtual Consultations and/or Second Opinion with Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams offers virtual second opinions, consultations, and imaging reviews. His partnership with “Best In Class MD” (BICMD) allows Dr. Williams to provide a comprehensive service that includes a thorough review of your medical records and imaging. You will receive written recommendations and a treatment plan outline in his Expert Report. This service is especially helpful for out-of-state or internationally located patients seeking an expert consultation.

Telehealth is also helpful for patients who need an immediate consultation or do not have time to wait for an in-person appointment.

It’s easy:

To set up a remote second opinion or imaging review, please click the link below to schedule an appointment.

The BICMD care team is available to answer any questions about booking at [email protected] or 800-650-5907.

Are you located in the New York City area and would rather go through your insurance?

Dr. Williams can still provide a telehealth visit with you! All you need is a smart phone or webcam so that he can assess your orthopedic condition and offer the best treatment options. Click the link below to schedule an in-person or telehealth that is covered by your insurance.