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Knee injuries are common in football, frequently involving damage to the meniscus and articular cartilage. These injuries can cause significant disability, result in loss of playing time, and predispose players to osteoarthritis. Osteochondral allografting is an increasingly popular treatment option for osteoarticular lesions in athletes. Osteochondral allografts provide mature, orthotopic hyaline cartilage on an osseous scaffold that serves as an attachment vehicle, which is rapidly replaced via creeping substitution, leading

In the arthroscopic treatment of anterior instability, identification of risk factors for recurrence allows for appropriate patient counseling and consideration of open stabilization. In our series, patients under age 25, with ligamentous laxity, and with a large (>250 mm3) Hill-Sachs lesion were at the greatest risk of recurrence.

This systematic analysis shows that microfracture provides effective short-term functional improvement of knee function but insufficient data are available on its long-term results. Shortcomings of the technique include limited hyaline repair tissue, variable repair cartilage volume, and possible functional deterioration. The quality of the currently available data on micro-fracture is still limited by the variability of results and study designs. Further well-designed studies are needed to determine the long-term efficacy

Patellar AOT is an effective treatment for focal patellar chondral lesions, with significant improvement in clinical follow-up. This study suggests that patients with patellar malalignment may represent a subset of patients who have a poor Prognostic outlook compared with patients with normal alignment.