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Have you been diagnosed with an orthopedic condition like osteoarthritis, tendon rupture or a rotator cuff tear? If so, you may be a candidate for a biological stem cell treatment known and Lipogems®. Lipogems® is an innovative technology that uses adipose (fat) tissue technology to use a patient’s own fat tissue to aid in the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissue. Doctor Riley J. Williams offers Lipogems® for qualifying patients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City and surrounding areas who want to avoid a more invasive procedure or surgery. Contact Dr. Williams’ team today to see if you qualify!

What is Lipogems®?

Lipogems® is the name of a next-generation, innovative technology that uses adipose (fat) tissue technology. This technology is used to harvest, concentrate, and transfer a patient’s own fat tissue to aid in the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissue. The harvested fat is known as the adipose stromal fraction and contains cells called pericytes, a type of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). Pericyte cells live on capillaries (small blood cells) which are found in normal fatty tissue. The pericytes are very useful in helping the healing process by minimizing the formation of scar tissue and by preventing inflammation. Lipogems® provides an alternative to surgical options in the following circumstances:

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  • Patients who wish to avoid surgery or have failed other treatment options (i.e., NSAIDS, cortisone injections, HA, PRP)
  • Patients who are not surgical candidates (suffering from other comorbidities or other health conditions)
  • Lipogems® provides an adjunctive technology to other procedures such as :
    • Patients that are undergoing arthroscopic surgery
    • Patients undergoing reconstructive procedures (patellar tendon & rotator cuff repair)

How is the Lipogems® procedure used?

The Lipogems® procedure uses innovative technology that gently processes the patient’s own fat tissue in order to, primarily, cushion and support areas of injury or damage as the body heals itself. Lipogems® is injected directly into the area of the body that requires an aid in tissue healing and repair. Lipogems® tends to stay in the area where it is injected instead of being reabsorbed by the body, which allows the body to maximize the benefits of Lipogems® for an extended period of time. As part of this overall process, Lipogems® provides cushioning and structural support to the damaged tissues wherever it is injected. Dr. Riley J. Williams has extensive experience and success in using Lipogems® and adipose stromal fraction for patients in Manhattan, New York, and the surrounding New York boroughs.

How is the adipose stromal fraction obtained?

Dr. Williams uses a minimally invasive liposuction technique to obtain the fat needed to make the adipose stromal fraction. Two small needlesticks are made through the skin of the abdomen; stitches are not required. Fat tissue is taken from the abdominal midsection or from fatty areas on the patient’s flank (“love handles”) using a large needle.

Next, the collected fat is processed in a special device, using a sterile saline solution. This process, micro-fragmentation, involves rinsing the fatty tissue, and disrupting the large fat globules into small clusters., Blood, inflammatory cells, and fatty oils are removed from the adipose sample; the pericyte concentration in the processed sample is increased. The resulting tissue is called the adipose stromal fraction (Lipogems®). Dr. Williams then uses a small needle to inject the Lipogems® tissue into the treatment site.

The Lipogems® procedure requires only local anesthesia at the harvest site. It takes approximately one hour in an outpatient setting and can often be done in a minor procedure room or outpatient surgery center. There is minimal recovery time from the Lipogems® procedure.

What are the advantages of Lipogems® for the patient?

  • Convenient: The procedure can be performed in the office or outpatient surgical setting.
  • Pure: The Lipogems® device uses saline to wash away blood and oils that may contribute to tissue inflammation.
  • Gentle Processing: The resulting adipose stromal fraction offers a biologic and physical benefit by trapping and protecting the special cells (pericytes). The process is unique and the Lipogems® device gently resizes the fat tissue to create the ideal material and performance properties. The Lipogems® fat graft can be injected into a damaged joint or area needing soft tissue repair.
  • Easier Injections: Because the Lipogems® process micro-fragments the adipose tissue, the size of Lipogems® tissue is ideal to facilitate healing in the treatment site. Lipogems® also stays in the area where it is injected and is not typically reabsorbed. This maximizes the benefits of Lipogems® on the affected area.
  • Multiple Treatment Areas: Depending on how much fat is collected, there may be enough volume of Lipogems® to inject in several different anatomic areas.
  • Compliant and cleared by the FDA: Dr. Williams has been cleared by the FDA to perform this procedure; the Lipogems® device is compliant with FDA product guidelines in regard to Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products.

What advantage do Lipogems® have in treating orthopedic conditions?

Lipogems® maintain the cell and tissue micro-architecture:

This unique way of harvesting fat cells keep the tissues intact and preserve the natural and reparative characteristics that help to facilitate a healing microenvironment.

Since the Lipogems® tissue remains intact and the cell and tissue microarchitecture is preserved, the perivascular elements are found in a high concentration in the Lipogems® tissue. Other standard Lipoaspirate processing can result in necrosis or issue death.

Lipogems® have greater cell viability:

Autologous adipose tissue processed using this method is noted to have a high degree of cell viability compared to cryopreserved or frozen graft sources. This cell viability makes the harvested adipose fraction clinically more effective.

Lipogems® have low risk for rejection, infection, and other complications:

Since the tissue is from the patient’s own body and is processed in a closed-loop system, meaning there is no introduction of foreign contaminants, there is minimal risk of tissue rejection.

What are conditions are best treated using Lipogems®?

For further information and resources on Lipogems®, or to see if you are a good candidate for the use of Lipogems®, please contact the office of Dr. Riley J. Williams, MD, orthopedic biologics specialist serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, NY and surrounding areas.