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Are you experiencing anterior shoulder instability? Shoulder instability can be caused by a shoulder dislocation. If you have shoulder instability, you may need a procedure called a Bankart repair or capsulolabral reconstruction. Bankart repair surgeon, Doctor Riley J. Williams provides diagnosis as well as surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City and surrounding areas who are experiencing anterior shoulder instability. Contact Dr. Williams’ team today!

What is a Bankart lesion?

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint formed from the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) and the glenoid portion of the scapula (shoulder blade socket). This joint allows shoulder movement in several directions. This freedom of movement is facilitated by the lack of bony constraint characteristic of this joint. The soft tissue restraints of the glenohumeral joint are important in maintaining shoulder joint stability. When there is an injury to these soft tissue restraints, the humerus can dislocate or subluxate out of the joint.

Falls associated with sports or typical daily activities can result in a traumatic shoulder dislocation. When the shoulder suffers a forward (anterior) dislocation, the stabilizing ligaments that surround the shoulder joint are usually damaged. A Bankart lesion describes the area of anterior capsulolabral detachment from the glenoid socket that often accompanies a traumatic shoulder dislocation. The labrum is a “bumper” or restraint to abnormal forward translation of the humeral head. Detachment of this structure at the front of the shoulder is a primary cause of recurrent anterior shoulder instability.

Bankart Lesion | Manhattan NY

What is the treatment for a Bankart lesion?

The treatment for repetitive anterior shoulder dislocations is a surgical procedure known as a Bankart repair, or capsulolabral reconstruction. The Bankart repair aims to reattach the anterior stabilizing ligaments of the shoulder and prevent future dislocations. Dr. Riley J. Williams, orthopedic shoulder surgeon, treats patients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, NY and surrounding areas who have suffered multiple shoulder dislocations and are in need of a Bankart repair.

How is a Bankart repair (capsulolabral reconstruction) performed?

A Bankart repair can be performed as an arthroscopic procedure. This approach utilizes a small camera and specialized surgical instruments to reattach the damaged labrum. The procedure also involves manipulating the stretched anterior shoulder capsule to make it taught. Dr. Williams uses special surgical anchors that are secured within the glenoid bone; these anchors enable the allowing the damaged labrum to be reattached.

Occasionally, a Bankart lesion may require open surgery (arthrotomy). This surgical approach uses a slightly larger incision to better visualize the entire shoulder joint. Dr. Williams may prefer this method over an arthroscopic approach for patients with a history of a failed arthroscopic procedure, contact athletes or individuals who are noted to by ligamentously lax.

What are the benefits of a Bankart repair?

Dr. Williams prefers an arthroscopic Bankart repair because it is minimally invasive. The camera and specialized surgical instruments, and incisions are small and allow for a faster recovery time for the patient. Arthroscopic Bankart repair carries a reduced risk of infection, blood loss, as well as decreased pain and inflammation following the procedure.

What is the recovery period like after a Bankart repair?

The recovery period after a Bankart repair is variable as it is dependent upon the surgical approach taken by Dr. Williams. Most patients can expect to be fully recovered in 3-6 months with continued improvement of strength and range of motion of the shoulder for a year or more after a successful Bankart repair. In general, patients in New York can expect the following:

  • The shoulder joint will be immobilized by a sling immediately following the procedure and remain immobilized for approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and application of ice packs for pain management.
  • Participation in a physical rehabilitation program beginning 1 week after surgery. Dr. Williams will recommend a program that focuses on improving shoulder strength and range of motion. The key to a patient’s shoulder stabilization success following a Bankart repair is by adhering to and completing a physical rehabilitation program.

For more information on the Bankart Repair, or to find a treatment for recurrent shoulder dislocations, please contact the office of Riley J. Williams, MD, an orthopedic shoulder surgeon serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, NY and surrounding areas.