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Longitudinal MRI analysis demonstrated that NeoCart-based repair tissue is durable and evolves over time. For a majority of patients, this progression trended from an initial hyperintense signal to a hypointense signal at later follow-ups. Changes in radiographic measures over time corresponded with improvement in clinical measures, with maximum benefits experienced at 24-month follow-up. Similarly, clinical efficacy for the total cohort, determined by clinical outcome scores, reached a maximum at 24

There are a number of differences between college and professional basketball that can make the transition difficult for any NBA rookie. The length of the season is the main one: a typical college season ranges anywhere from 30-40 games, which is only about half of an NBA season, and then 16 NBA teams compete in the playoffs after the regular season. Additionally, the intensity of the game is much higher.

OAT may achieve higher activity levels and lower risk of failure when compared with MFX for cartilage lesions greater than 3 cm2 in the knee, although there was no significant difference for lesions less than 3 cm2 at midterm. However, because of variability in patient-specific factors such as age, preinjury activity level, lesion location and size, the superiority of OAT over MFX cannot be generalized to all patient populations and therefore requires individualized patient

In conclusion, in this meta-analysis of 2549 athletes, cartilage restoration surgery had a 76 % return to sport at mid-term follow-up. Osteochondral autograft transfer offered a faster recovery and appeared to have a higher rate of return to preinjury athletics, but heterogeneity in lesion size, athlete age, and concomitant surgical procedures are important factors to consider when assessing individual athletes. This study reports on the rate of return to sport

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Millions of active baby boomers are developing osteoarthritis. They’ve worn out the cartilage in joints like the knee and many have been told there aren’t great alternatives or replacements. As CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported, the cartilage can be replaced. Osteoarthritis is wear and tear arthritis. The nice smooth cartilage on the ends of all bones has worn away, and the knees are where that often shows up first. You may