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The doctor and the superstar

Most good horror movies are Rated-R. They contain lots of violence and blood, a ton of tears and terrors and sometimes…no-so-happy endings.  The Nets, despite being just a game and a half-game inside the playoffs in the East, could be watching one right now.

This one isn’t rated-R, though. It’s rated PG-13 — for all the same reasons. Paul George returned to action Sunday vs. Miami, scored 13 points and looked good as Indiana, on its last playoff legs, destroyed the Heat. The Pacers could be the team on Brooklyn’s back leg like a dog on a mailman. While the Pacers are still a game and a half back, George could push them hard, like he did against Miami. The Nets do hold the tiebreaker.

But the story between the Nets and Pacers isn’t just about the playoff race, intriguing as it is. It’s about the superstar and the doctor, Paul George and orthopedist Dr. Riley J. WIlliams III, the Nets long-time team physician.

If you saw what happened to the two-time All-Star during a Team USA scrimmage over the summer, you’ll never get the image out of your mind. His leg literally snapped as he fell awkwardly into the base of the basket.

George has made a remarkable recovery –thanks in part to Dr. Williams– and is looking to reclaim his spot among the ranks of the NBA’s elite.  It was Dr. Williams who rushed to the court, treated him quickly and was part of the surgical team later that night.

Jerry Colangelo of USA Basketball praised Dr. Williams, for aiding George that weekend . “He’s part of our medical team. He’s one of the top orthopedic people in the world.,” said Colangelo of Williams. “(He) was right on the scene a moment later when it took place.”

Want to know how much George appreciates the Nets team physician?  Here’s his tweet accompanying the small ceremony last Tuesday.

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